Berlin Speed Cushion (BK)


Our Berlin Cushion is one of the most effective forms of speed reduction.

Berlin Cushions are available from 1.70 x 1.70 m to 2.90 x 3.50 m and larger. They are produced with a steep ramp and usually used in 30 km/h areas.

Design Features:

Buses and trucks can drive over Cushion practically unhindered.
The overal distance between two Cushions must not exceed 120 cm. Otherwise, drivers will try to "slip through" the middle of the lane - between the Cushions. The lateral bypass - for example via the sidewalk - is prevented with the help of bollards, railings, plant beds and others.

The smallest set of road paving consists of 4 parts.

(Dimensions 1.70 x 1.70 m).

Berlin Speed Cushion
Features are:
  • The modular system provides the ability to select the required size
  • Highly effective
  • Durable, as vulcanized rubber is stronger than plastic and conventional rubber compounds
  • Quick and easy to assemble. No excavation required

Our Berlin Cushion consists exclusively of vulcanized rubber (which provides low noise when driving over).

With a total height of 6 cm any type of vehicle can safely cross our product.

Technical documentation

Catalog (pages 8-9)

Berlin Speed Cushion

Single Elements

NameColourDimensions (LxWxH)WeightReflective TapeArticle
Corner Element rightAnthracite850 x 850 x 60 mm50 kg4 reflective tapes, Colour White805000000
Corner Element rightRed-Brown850 x 850 x 60 mm50 kg4 reflective tapes, Colour White805200000
Corner Element leftAnthracite850 x 850 x 60 mm50 kg4 reflective tapes, Colour White805100000
Corner Element leftRed-Brown850 x 850 x 60 mm50 kg4 reflective tapes, Colour White805300000
RampAnthracite600 x 850 x 60 mm40 kg2 reflective tapes, Colour White803700000
RampRed-Brown600 x 850 x 60 mm40 kg2 reflective tapes, Colour White803900000
Inner ElementAnthracite600 x 600 x 60 mm34 kg-806300000
Inner ElementRed-Brown600 x 600 x 60 mm34 kg-806500000


DetailsWidth cmLength cmHeight cmWeightReflective TapeColourArticle
BK-Set 2x21701706200 kgWhiteAnthracite891200000
BK-Set 2x21701706200 kgWhiteRed-Brown891300000
BK-Set 2x31702306280 kgWhiteAnthracite891400000
BK-Set 2x31702306280 kgWhiteRed-Brown891500000
BK-Set 2x41702906360 kgWhiteAnthracite891600000
BK-Set 2x41702906360 kgWhiteRed-Brown891700000
BK-Set 2x51703506440 kgWhiteAnthracite891800000
BK-Set 2x51703506440 kgWhiteRed-Brown891900000
BK-Set 2x61704106520 kgWhiteAnthracite892000000
BK-Set 2x61704106520 kgWhiteRed-Brown892100000
BK-Set 3x31702306394 kgWhiteAnthracite892200000
BK-Set 3x31702306394 kgWhiteRed-Brown892300000
BK-Set 3x41702906508 kgWhiteAnthracite892400000
BK-Set 3x41702906508 kgWhiteRed-Brown892500000
BK-Set 3x51703506622 kgWhiteAnthracite892600000
BK-Set 3x51703506622 kgWhiteRed-Brown892700000
BK-Set 3x61704106736 kgWhiteAnthracite892800000
BK-Set 3x61704106736 kgWhiteRed-Brown892900000
BK-Set 4x41702906656 kgWhiteAnthracite893000000
BK-Set 4x41702906656 kgWhiteRed-Brown893100000
BK-Set 4x51703506804 kgWhiteAnthracite893200000
BK-Set 4x51703506804 kgWhiteRed-Brown893300000