Product for Roundabouts (MSS) -
the intelligent and cost-effective solution

Traffic safety and traffic flow are demonstrably improved through Roundabout regulations:
  • Eliminates waiting phases at traffic lights
  • Helps to reduce driving speed
  • Improves positive accident statistics in comparison before / after installation

after setting up Roundabouts speak for themselves.


Roundabout ensures smooth road traffic!

For roundabouts areas, our company offers the newly developed Mini-Roundabout with a diameter of 3 m, which
  • Consists of 8 segments. Made from vulcanized recycled rubber,
  • Very clearly visible due to large reflective surfaces and glass reflectors,
  • Fairly priced,
  • Durable,
  • Quick and easy to assemble. No excavation required,
  • Can also be used in difficult road conditions,
  • Provides a low noise level if you need to drive over it.

The ideal solution, especially for narrow streets.

Our Roundabouts are made entirely of vulcanized rubber.
Color: red-brown (anthracite on request).

If you are going to design small or large roundabouts, we recommend you to consider our Elastic Kerbing products.

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