Parking Demarcation (PPA)


Our Parking Demarcation (PPA) made of 100% recycled rubber is suitable for side and front parking space demarcation and facilitates parking, keeping order and security. They prevent collisions with other vehicles, walls or fences.

Areas of application:

  • Marking of parking spaces
  • Bumper protection in parking garages
  • Enables precise parking
  • etc.
Parking Demarcation
Parking Demarcation
PPA (2)
PPA (7)

Our Parking Demarcation (PPA) 550x152x102mm, 900x152x102 mm and 1820x152x102 mm (L x B x H) is clearly visible, weather-resistant, inexpensive and can be installed quickly and easily.

It is available in anthracite (with retroreflective tapes in white or yellow), green and blue (with retroreflective tapes in white). Fixing materials (screws, dowels) are included in the scope of delivery. Gluing is alternatively or additionally possible.

Catalog (Page 22)

DetailsColourReflective TapeArticle
PPA A 550x152x102 RB whiteanthracitewhite825400000
PPA A 550x152x102 RB yellowanthraciteyellow825410000
PPA B 550x152x102bluewhite825411000
PPA G 550x152x102greenwhite825412000
PPA A 900x152x102 RB whiteanthracitewhite825 500 000
PPA A 900x152x102 RB yellowanthraciteyellow825 510 000
PPA B 900x152x102bluewhite825511000
PPA G 900x152x102greenwhite825512000
PPA A 1800x152x102 RB whiteanthracitewhite825 600 000
PPA A 1800x152x102 RB yellowanthraciteyellow825 610 000
PPA B 1800x152x102bluewhite825611000
PPA G 1800x152x102greenwhite825612000