Elastic Bollard (EB) - Design flexibly

Flexible Bollards are an ideal solution when it comes to safe collision protection with minimal damage and costs.


Elastic Bollard are made of high quality rubber using the vulcanization process.
Our bollards can optionally be equipped with white, red, blue or yellow retroreflective surfaces, alternatively with 2 or 9 reflective strips. They are a good sight, even in old town areas and are gentle with vehicles, as they have a shock-absorbing effect.


They are very flexible, during a collision bollard is folded down to an angle of approx. 90 ° and is not damaged in the process. When the load is removed, the bollard will return to its original upright position.
Our bollards are very inexpensive to maintain because they are maintenance-free.
Most expensive thing about conventional bollards in a city center is a renovation. They often have to be straightened or completely replaced. Our elastic bollards are "more resilient".

Elastic Bollard

General Specification:

Bollards for installation in concrete:
Bollard diameter: 140 mm
Overall length: 1400 mm
Height above floor: 900 mm
Color: anthracite or light gray

Areas of application:

  • Parking facilities
  • Pedestrian zones
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Property protection (street lights, technical systems, buildings)
  • Narrowing of the lane
  • Marking of traffic routes
  • Protection of pedestrians in dangerous street areas
  • Industrial parks


  • High durable vulcanized rubber
  • Effective protection due to high energy consumption
  • Can be bent by 90 ° under extreme loads
  • Low risk of injury for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Maintenance-free, weatherproof, resilient
  • Easily visible in the dark due to integrated retroreflective tapes
  • Easy assembly

Technical documentation

Catalog (pages 24-26)