Euronorm Speed Cushion (ENC),
already installed over 25 000 times in Europe!

Our Euronorm Speed Cushion is one of the most effective forms of speed reduction.

The construction of the Euronorm Cushion with a flat ramp allows it to be used in 30 km/h areas (gentle, because the ramp shape is flat), and in 50 km/h areas.

Euronorm Speed Cushion can be safely driven over by all vehicles due to their construction height of 6 cm. Due to the outside width of 180 cm, buses and vehicles with a larger center distance can drive unhindered over the Euronorm Speed Cushion.

New - Euronorm Speed Cushion produced with an improved surface. 64 points in the SRT pendulum test!

The smallest set of our 4-piece pillow measures 1.8 x 1.5 meters. It can be extended to the required drive-over length by additional ramps parts.

Features of Euronorm Speed Cushion are:

  • The modular system provides the ability to select the required size
  • Very effective
  • Clearly visible due to the large retroreflective surfaces
  • Tried and tested across Europe
  • Fairly priced
  • Durable, as vulcanized rubber stronger than plastic and conventional rubber compounds
  • Quick and easy to assemble. No excavation required

Our Euronorm Cushion consists exclusively of vulcanized rubber (which provides low noise when driving over).

Technical documentation

Catalog (pages 6-7)

Euronorm Speed Cushion
Euronorm Speed Cushion
Euronorm Speed Cushion
Euronorm Speed Cushion