Road Separator

The road separator guides motorists into safe lane areas and is optimal as visual sign for securing work sites. The road separators are ideal for areas in traffic where traffic routing is not always obvious or the roadway is badly lit.

Areas of application:

  • Separation of cycle paths / sidewalks
  • Lane divider
  • Frontal or side parking space limitation
  • Design of narrow lanes

Our Road Separator is available in anthracite and yellow with 6 yellow reflective tapes for good visibility. Thanks to the modular system, it can also be placed over long distances. It is installed to a subsurface with the Ph fastening kit (screws / dowels). Gluing is alternatively or additionally possible.

LS R A 1130x240x80800320000anthracite/yellow
LS M A 1130x240x81800321000anthracite/yellow
LS R G 1130x240x82800330000yellow
LS M G 1130x240x83800331000yellow
Road Separator (1)
Road Separator (2)