LED Elastic Bollard - Design flexibly

Flexible Bollards are an ideal solution when it comes to safe collision protection with minimal damage and costs.

Elastic Bollards - free of maintenance costs

The LED Elastic Bollard is made of vulcanized rubber.
It can optionally be equipped with white, red, blue or yellow retroreflective tapes, alternatively with 2 or 9 reflective tapes. On top of the bollard is one panel with 8 LED lights which are powered by solar energy.

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LED Poller (3)
POU Universal 140x1400 LEDanthracite812 200 001
POU Universal (9) 140x1400 LEDanthracite812 400 001
POU City 140x900 LEDanthracite812 513 001
POU City (9) 140x900 LEDanthracite812 514 000


  • Highly visible in the dark thanks to integrated retroreflective tapes & LED lights
  • High durable vulcanized rubber
  • Effective protection due to high energy consumption
  • Low risk of injury for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Maintenance-free, weatherproof, resilient
  • Easy to assemble

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