Crossing Assistance (QH)

The Crossing Assistance is perfectly suitable for the fast installation of:
  • Pedestrian crossing assistances
  • Traffic islands in crossing areas
  • Traffic islands at rounabouts
  • Property protection (tank systems)

The Crossing Assistance protects pedestrians and gives you safety when crossing the road.


  • cost-efficient and flexible
  • mechanically resistant
  • fast and easy to assemble
  • highly visible thanks to reflective tapes
Crossing Assistance
Crossing Assistance

Thanks to the reflecting surfaces, our crossing assistances are easy to see at night and in poor visibility.

The size of the traffic island is variable, as four different crossing aid segments are available:

  • Crossing Assistance corner element
  • Crossing Assistance ramp
  • Crossing Assistance inner element large
  • Crossing Assistance inner element small

Material: 100% recycled rubber

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Single Elements

NameDetailsColourDimensions (LxWxH)WeightReflective TapeArticle
Corner ElementQHE RB RRed-Brown800 x 800 x 100 mm47 kgWith 7 retroreflective tapes, Colour white813600000
RampQHA RB RRed-Brown800 x 400 x 100 mm29 kgWith 2 retroreflective tapes, Colour white813700000
Inner Element LargeQHM G RRed-Brown800 x 400 x 100 mm28 kg--813800000
Inner Element SmallQHM K RRed-Brown400 x 400 x 100 mm14 kg--813900000


DetailsWidth cmLength cmHeight cmWeightReflective TapeColourArticle
QH-Set 2x216016010188 kgWhiteRed-Brown881800000
QH-Set 2x316020010246 kgWhiteRed-Brown881900000
QH-Set 2x416024010304 kgWhiteRed-Brown882000000
QH-Set 2x516028010362 kgWhiteRed-Brown882100000
QH-Set 2x616032010420 kgWhiteRed-Brown882200000
QH-Set 3x320020010318 kgWhiteRed-Brown882300000
QH-Set 3x420024010390 kgWhiteRed-Brown882400000
QH-Set 3x520028010462 kgWhiteRed-Brown882500000
QH-Set 3x620032010534 kgWhiteRed-Brown882600000
QH-Set 4x420024010476 kgWhiteRed-Brown882700000
QH-Set 4x520028010562 kgWhiteRed-Brown882800000