Vulcanized rubber. Why?

Our material is a core secret.

Every material has its advantages. And unfortunately also its disadvantages.

Our traffic safety products are made from high quality vulcanized rubber with special technology and have been proven in practice for more than 20 years.

What technical advantages do vulcanized rubber have for road safety?

The elastic properties of the material enable a flush and form-fitting adaptation to the existing road surface without excavation. So you don't need to involve heavy equipment and a large number of employees to work, which significantly reduces installation costs. Furthermore, the noise levels are reduced when driving over. Last but not least, the elastic properties are of course directly beneficial for durability and accident safety.

Road safety products made from polyurethane bonded rubber are inexpensive, but have disadvantages in practice.

Their service life (durability) as well as their tensile strength are much lower.

Traffic safety products made of plastic are noisy when you drive over and do not adapt to the road surface.

Road safety products

Our technology of the production makes our products for road safety:

  • effective
  • reliable
  • adaptable
  • durable
  • quick + easy to assemble
  • can be used permanently and / or temporarily
  • quiet when you drive over.